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Miss Mokambo 2023

miss mokambo

Miss Mokambo 2023: Rodmariel Belen

Aurora Buonvivere, a young student, won the Cepagatti stage of Miss Adriatico 2023. The award ceremony took place at Via Dante Alighieri, with Mayor Gino Cantò and Councilor Tiziano Santavenere in attendance.

The 20 participants who paraded in front of the jury presented themselves in three different categories: fashion, personal bikini and Olympic leotard. The evening was hosted by model Chiara Di Cintio, former Miss Adriatic 2020. Artistic interludes were performed by Maurizio Tocco, winner of the Melody Festival, the talented singer Shasa Cappellari and the dance school “Emozioni in movimento” from Spoltore, represented by teachers Anna D’Orazio and Francesca Barberio. The finale was entrusted to joke teller Valerio Basilavecchia, winner of the Festival of Humor, accompanied by his friend and sidekick Mario Morelli, known as Vracalone.

Other awards were given including the coveted “Miss Mokambo” sash conesgned to the deserving Rodmariel Belen. 

The next Miss Adriatic Beauty Tour events will be held in Ortona, Montesilvano and Silvi. Registration is still open for all interested girls.

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