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Sanremo 2024 with Radio Italia

mokambo sanremo

Mokambo, official coffee with Radio Italia at Sanremo 2024

The Sanremo Festival has always been an unprecedented cultural and musical event, capable of uniting different generations and styles under the same starry sky of the Ligurian Riviera. This year, the unique atmosphere of the music kermesse is enriched by a new and delicious ingredient: coffee.

Caffè Mokambo with Radio Italia, joins the vibrant stage of Sanremo 2024 as the official coffee sponsor. A pairing destined to warm the hearts of music fans and lovers of good coffee.

Mokambo’s participation as the official coffee sponsor at Sanremo 2024 is more than just a commercial partnership; it represents a complete sensory experience, in which the taste for music is combined with the pleasure of a coffee break in between emotions.

During the evenings of Sanremo, artists and guests were able to immerse themselves even more in the unique atmosphere of the Festival, sipping a delicious coffee offered in the Radio Italia stage. A moment of sharing and pleasure, in which the music becomes even more enveloping and the notes mingle with the intense aroma of freshly brewed coffee.

Sanremo 2024 thus becomes not only a stage for musical talents, but also a place to enjoy every note with the same intensity with which you enjoy an excellent coffee. Thanks to the partnership between Caffè Mokambo and Radio Italia, the magic of Sanremo comes even closer

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