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Mokambo Coloniali
Decaffeinato in doses

Enjoy the authentic pleasure of coffee without the caffeine with Decaffeinated Coffee Pods. Prepared with artisan care and using only the finest coffee beans, our pods guarantee an intense aroma and rounded flavor that will delight the palate with every sip. Perfect for relaxing moments at the coffee shop or for a rejuvenating break at any time of the day. Delight your customers with the superior quality of Mokambo’s decaffeinated coffee and offer them an unforgettable taste experience.

Unit of Measurement: No

Pieces per Pack: 144

Weight per Waffle: 6.95g

Net weight per package: 1000g

Art Code: 407


Caffè Mokambo

La Caffè Mokambo è un azienda dalla lunga e prestigiosa storia.

Fondata nel 1972.




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