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caffè oro

Limited Edition

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Let yourself be transported to an oasis of relaxation with Mokambo Qualità Oro coffee in the special Siesta pack.

Rustic packaging that captures the essence of the exotic, with warm, vibrant colours reminiscent of sun, sea and sand. A touch of originality that makes the limited edition Siesta a perfect gift for coffee and travel lovers.

Limited Edition Siesta

Make your day shine with Mokambo Coffee Quality Gold in the special Magic pack

A red packaging in hammered cardboard, elegant and refined, that catches the eye and brings a touch of magic to every corner of your kitchen. A vibrant red that evokes passion, energy and vitality, perfect for those who want a coffee that is a real treat for the senses.

Limited Edition Magia

A plunge into the past with a timeless taste, Mokambo Qualità Oro coffee in the special Liberty pack

An aluminium packaging with a retro design, evoking the atmosphere of a bygone era.
A vintage touch that makes the Liberty limited edition a perfect furnishing accessory for those who love timeless and sophisticated style.

Limited Edition Liberty

Mokambo Macinato
Caffè Oro

Even at home all the taste of a special blend. The Oro quality has been specially created to offer an intense aroma and irresistible fragrance with every cup you prepare. Caffè Oro is more than just coffee at home: it is a sensory journey that enhances the senses and fulfils the expectations of true coffee lovers.

Description: Oro

Unit of Measurement: Nr

Pieces per Confection: 20

Weight per Pack: 5

Packs per Box Europe: 120

Net Weight Europe: 600

Art. no.: 136


Caffè Mokambo

La Caffè Mokambo è un azienda dalla lunga e prestigiosa storia.

Fondata nel 1972.




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