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Limited Edition

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Savour the Christmas atmosphere with the Limited Edition Mokambo Prestige Biscuit Tin!

On the occasion of the Christmas holidays, Caffè Mokambo is pleased to present the Limited Edition Biscottiera Mokambo Prestige: an enchanting tin gift box, available in different patterns, that encapsulates the best of taste and elegance.

Limited Edition Biscottiera

Give the Gift of Coffee Elegance with the Mokambo Prestige 'Wood' Pack!

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of refined elegance with the Mokambo Prestige 'Wood' Package. This exclusive gift set, presented in a sophisticated wooden box, is the perfect gift for coffee lovers who appreciate the taste of luxury and quality.

Limited Edition Wood


Discover the Joy of Coffee with the Mokambo Prestige Joy Pack!

Get ready to experience pure pleasure with the Mokambo Prestige Joy Pack, now also available in the best bars. This exclusive set offers you two 250g packs of Prestige coffee, one of Mokambo's most popular blends, directly in your favourite coffee shop.

Limited Edition Gioia


Discover Christmas Elegance with the Prestige Flake Limited Edition!

Give a touch of elegance and sophistication this Christmas with the Mokambo Prestige 'Fiocco' Limited Edition. Whether for your friends, family or yourself, this gift box will bring a smile to the face of anyone who receives it.

Limited Edition Fiocco

Mokambo Macinato
Caffè Prestige

Each Prestige quality cup is an unparalleled sensory experience, refined taste and unmistakable flavour that captures the connoisseur’s soul. Our unique blend is the result of a careful selection of the best beans, ensuring a perfect harmony between body and aroma.

Description: Prestige 250 g

Unit of Measurement: Nr

Pieces per Confection: 20

Weight per Confection: 5

Packs per Box Europe: 120

Net Weight Europe: 600

Art. no.: 126


Caffè Mokambo

La Caffè Mokambo è un azienda dalla lunga e prestigiosa storia.

Fondata nel 1972.




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